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Glass Service in Edwardsville, Illinois For Your Residential Home

If you have a home in Edwardsville, Illinois, the odds are you have glass somewhere in your home. Whether it is in the form of windows, mirrors, tabletop glass covers, or sliding glass doors, this is a feature that all houses have. With those glass features comes the chance that they may break and need to be repaired or replaced and that is where Edwardsville Glass comes in. We provide window repair, sliding glass door repair and replacement, thermopane window service, mirror walls, and tabletop glass service. Read below to read how we can help your glass in Edwardsville, Illinois.

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Window Repair

One of the most used materials in any home is glass. Suppose you are dealing with a damaged window or damaged windowpane. In that case, it is a good idea to contact your local professionals at Edwardsville Glass to inform you about options you have when it comes to window repair in Edwardsville, Illinois.

Double Paned Window Repair
Having a damaged window not only affects the interior and exterior aesthetic, it also results in a decrease in energy efficiency because your AC system has to work overtime due to the poor insulation. Edwardsville Glass can replace your window seals and ensure that the window and window frame are appropriately insulated to avoid energy waste.
window replacement edwardsville illinois
Specialty Glass Repair

Modern-day homes are transitioning to large French windows or balcony doors to increase their natural light. These can be susceptible to damage during notorious Midwest storms. Edwardsville Glass offers specialty glass repair that can fit anyone’s budget.

Window Replacement

In some cases, windowpanes can experience severe damage that only a complete replacement can fix. Our glass and window experts can offer recommendations for options that best suit your needs, such as double or triple-paned window features. Edwardsville Glass can inspect your window damage and offer our professional opinion on whether it’s better to repair or replace your window and/or windowpane.

Sliding Glass Doors

When your sliding door starts to stick, or you need new hardware or glass, the right people to call are the professionals at Edwardsville Glass. Much like a broken window, a damaged sliding glass door poses a safety risk to your home and should be addressed as soon as you can. We have a team of technicians that are well trained and can handle all your sliding glass door repair and replacement needs.

Signs You Need Sliding Glass Door Repair

Having a home with a sliding glass door offers various benefits, including enjoying natural light and fresh air. Over time, your sliding glass door may experience some problems. Listed below are some common issues you may come across.

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Difficulty Sliding The Door Open & Closed: This can be due to your door needing a roller replacement or have it realigned. Try cleaning the bottom door track and get rid of any debris. Fluctuations in weather can result in glass door rollers needing a readjustment. You can adjust the screws on the bottom of the frame to lower or raise the rollers. If neither of these things works, it could be time to replace your sliding glass door.

Broken Hardware: Like with anything else, over time, hardware will start to deteriorate. Having to replace your sliding glass door hardware is a common thing. Edwardsville Glass can replace your handles, locks, strikes and keepers, rollers, tracks, guides, and bumpers.

Cracked or Shattered Glass: If your glass is cracked or shattered, we have technicians that can repair or replace the existing class. We can even replace the glass with upgraded glass. Tinted, textured, or a design with energy-efficient upgrades.

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Deteriorated Seal: The seal around your sliding glass door is responsible for keeping debris, critters, and elements from entering your home. If your seal is faulty, it can result in water damage and insects crawling into your home. Contact Edwardsville Glass for seal replacement.

A Ripped Screen: One of the best features about having a sliding glass door is the screen which allows you to keep the door open and welcoming in the fresh air while keeping the bugs and debris out. Having a ripped screen means you lose that feature. Our technicians at Edwardsville Glass can replace your screen.

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Thermopane Glass Replacement

Thermopane glass replacement has been a specialty of Edwardsville Glass for years. If your thermopane glass gets damaged or broken, we want you to know that you can rely on our technicians for fast and affordable service. Whether it’s single pane, double pane, or triple glazed windows, we can provide a solution for your thermopane glass repair or replacement if you are in the Edwardsville, Illinois area.

Mirror Walls

At Edwardsville Glass, we offer custom wall mirrors to meet your exact specifications, and we only use the highest quality of mirror sheets to create your custom mirror. In addition to creating custom mirror walls for you, we also offer installation services. Edwardsville Glass provides custom mirrors that come in three different edge types: flat polish edge, beveled polish edge, and seamed edge.

  • Flat Polish Edge: If you want a minimalistic look, the flat polish edge is polished into a smooth and shiny finish.
  • Beveled Polish Edge: This option involved the edges of the mirror is cut and polished at an angle with a certain bevel width. Because of this, the mirror looks thin around the edges and thick in the center. Beveled polish edge is often used when the mirror is the focal point of a room.
  • Seamed Edge: This option involves sanding the edges to dull them after the mirror has been cut. Seamed edge makes the mirror safe to handle. This edge is a popular option if the mirror is framed and the edges won’t be visible.
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Table Top Glass

You can place glass table tops on any table base, modern, traditional or vintage. Having a transparent glass tabletop is a great way to create the illusion of space in a room. Our tempered glass is considered three times stronger than regular glass. If you want a glass tabletop in Edwardsville, Illinois, then contact Edwardsville Glass for various options. From beveled glass to polished edges, we guarantee that we have an option for you. Talk with our glass experts to hear about all the choices you have for tabletop glass in Edwardsville, Illinois.

Table Top Glass in Edwardsville IL

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