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Plate Glass in Edwardsville, Illinois

Plate Glass in Edwardsville, Illinois

Plate glass, also known as sheet glass or flat glass, is a kind of glass that is originally produced in plane form which is heavily used for windows, glass doors, glass walls, and picture frames. Edwardsville Glass provides plate glass repair and replacements for the Edwardsville, Illinois area.

Insulated Glass Repair & Replacement

Window Installation Edwardsville IL

Insulated windows are critical to any home’s functionality and appearance. If your home has large and clear glass panes, it can feel more spacious than it actually is and introduces more natural light into your home. If your window has broken windowpanes, it affects the energy efficiency of your home.

If you need to repair or replace your insulated glass in Edwardsville, Illinois, contact our professionals at Edwardsville Glass. To repair or replace the insulated glass, you will need salvaging panes and frames. This is a relatively tricky job to do by yourself, so we advise you to call the professionals. It is crucial to have your insulated glass fixed early before it becomes non-repairable. Having a fast response leads to cutting costs and a fast solution, but if left ignored, the more expensive option is a complete re-installment.

Common Signs That You Need To Repair or Replace Your Insulated Glass:

  • Your electricity bill dramatically increases
  • You can feel the air drafts and the noise levels from outside increases
  • Your home’s visual appeal starts to hinder

Glass Repair Service

Edwardsville Glass is proud to offer the best value for repairs in Edwardsville, Illinois. Our team of professional technicians is capable of window repair, insulated glass replacement, glass doors, mirrors, and shelves. When you need glass replaced or repaired, we are the ones to call for an affordable, quality service. Edwardsville Glass’ repair and replacement service includes:

  • Window Repairs
  • Shower Doors and Tub Enclosures
  • Double Pane Windows
  • Custom Glass Repairs
  • Glass Tabletops
  • Custom Mirrors
  • Window Tinting
  • Pet Doors
  • Bathroom Vanity Mirrors
Window Damage in Edwardsville IL
Screen Door Repair Edwrdsville IL

Screen Repairs

Edwardsville Glass offers screen repairs for your window screens and screen frames in the Edwardsville, Illinois area. While screens and screen frames don’t require heavy lifting, they can be difficult when it comes to repairing or replacing them. For example, if you have a screened-in porch or patio, your screen is likely stapled into the wood framing, which screen is then covered with wood trim. Unless you have experience with this process, it may be to you and your home’s advantage to call a professional for the job.

If you need glass replacement or repair, screen repair or replacement in Edwardsville, Illinois, contact Edwardsville Glass today!

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